Maintenance Program

If you knew that you were going to have an automobile accident before it happened, wouldn't you do everything to avoid the costly repairs, being without a vehicle, and putting yourself at risk? You can do just that when it comes to your residential or commercial HVAC system. Most of the repairs we see were avoidable. Preventative maintenance can find problems with your system before they become damaging and irreversible, leaving you without air conditioning and with a repair bill that might have been avoided.

If I am Paying You Now, How Can It Save Me Later?

Would you drive your car without an oil change? What about never replacing the air filter? A dirty or malfunctioning air conditioning system will cost more electricity to run. In addition, it places a greater strain on the parts of the unit and can force you to replace parts unnecessarily.

What's Included?

We take the guesswork out of maintaining your home or business HVAC system and do the work for you. Once a year, we will:

  • check operation of thermostat
  • check all wire connections at indoor unit, outdoor unit, and thermostat
  • check drain pan and clean out drain line
  • check operating amperage of fan motors
  • check amperage of compressor
  • check operating pressures of refrigerant circuit
  • check temperature split across condenser coil and evaporator coil
  • check operation of safety controls, if applicable
  • check oil fan motors, if applicable
  • check for visible refrigerant leaks

We provide repair service to replace your air conditioning system parts and ductwork if needed, and we offer emergency service.

Do You Know...

  • How to have your air conditioning system running at peak performance when the weather gets either extremely hot or extremely cold?
  • How much money proper air conditioning maintenance saves on your electric bill in the long run?
  • Why AC tune ups are recommended at least once a year in Florida?
  • How much longer you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit with proper maintenance?
  • How an oil or gas furnace air conditioning tune up is different than a heat pump tune up?

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We do!

Call us today to learn more about the benefits of a maintenance program.

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They were fast, efficient and very thoughtful. Will never use anyone else again!

Melanie A.

We couldn't have been happier with the prompt, excellent service.

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I have used Cool-Rite since 2011. They have been honest, loyal, trustworthy and efficient.

Rosemary C.

Great local, family-owned company that is trustworthy and does great work.

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Good contractor that's highly recommended.

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This is an honest A/C company - they did everything we agreed on including time and price with no gotchas. I highly recommend them.

Happy S.

The owners came out in response to my repair call! Wonderful, respectful and explained everything to me in simple language. Thank you for your prompt service!!